SERVICES | Web development

The best way for a website to be successful is through the development and strategic planning. Thanks to this, it is possible to design successful websites that attract and provide quality content to users and customers who visit your site. To develop a web page from scratch it is important to take into account elements such as planning, accommodation of the different elements of design, SEO, text, images and much more that will make your website a functional and attractive site.


Web Development

As a designer and web developer with more than 15 years of experience, he gives us the knowledge and skills necessary for your project to stand out from your competition, and you manage to sell the products and / or services that you offer. Having had the opportunity to work abroad and in languages, Spanish, English and French, allows us to make a website with an international projection.


Development of customized websites

One of the most important and necessary points for the development of a website, is to know what are the needs, requirements and parameters that we will take into account to design and then develop your website. For us, the most important thing is that you communicate effectively, clearly and concisely with your target audience, of course without forgetting the artist and aesthetic part of the content of your website.

As part of the web development services are:

Development of professional websites
Development and design of newsletters
Development of complex sites
Implementation of CMS
and more...


Manageable web pages (cMS)

An administrable web page is a web application that allows you to manage the information as well as the content (audio, images and downloadable files) of a web page, without the need of having deep knowledge of the programming languages ​​used for the development of your website.

We implement content managers to customers who request it, so it is necessary to first know their needs and requirements inside and outside the site in order to make an assessment before implementing the best CMS, according to needs and requirements. These are some of the points we cover within this category:

Design and development of websites.
Content administrator for Blogs
Design and development of online stores
Implementation of content managers in web pages
Design templates from scratch for content managers such as Joomla and Wordpress
Advice and consultancy on the use and administration of sites


e-commerce (online store)

E-Commerce is a way to start a business or increase your sales due to the ease and functionality they present. A virtual store allows you to bring your products or services to more people, as well as provide them with the necessary information to make a purchase decision.

If you want to start a business, using the Internet can make it easier for you, thanks to the speed with which virtual stores can be managed, you can even reduce your investment expenses.

As a website developer, we will help you start or expand your online business, designing virtual stores that will help you sell your products to a wider audience, compared to what you can locally have.